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Puma Blaze Knit Low S1P HRO SRC Safety Work Trainer Shoe

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Puma Blaze Knit Low S1P HRO SRC Safety Work Trainer Shoe
Yes, this is really a safety shoe. The shaft of the metal free BLAZE KNIT LOW is made of SAFETY KNIT®, a highly flexible and durable textile fabric which adapts perfectly to the foot and fits like a sock. TPU-protection elements in the area of the front cap and the heel provide abrasion protection, especially during kneeling work. Concerning the sole, the BLAZE KNIT LOW belongs to the URBAN PROTECT line. The special highlight of the 300°C resistant rubber sole is the integrated rotation point. This point at the interior middle foot is the most demanded during the motion sequence in the working routine. Due to strengthening of the rotation point, friction and thus fatigue is minimized. A fiberglass cap and the flexible, metal free FAP® anti-perforation protection secure the whole surface of the feet. For individualists - the BLAZE KNIT LOW is delivered with two pairs of laces.
Footbed: Evercushion ® BA
Protection: Fiberglass toe cap, metal-free, flexible FAP® penetration protection
Sole: 300°C heat resistant, IdCell, rotation point (at least for a short contact these outsoles are heat resistant up to 572°F)
Applications: Craft, Industry, production, Warehouse / Logistics
Plus: DGUV 112-191, metal free, TPU protection in the toe and heel area
Feed: BreathActive functional lining
Material: Almost seamless production in an elaborate Jacquard-weaving technique
FAP - The flexible anti penetration midsole made out of ceramic-coated fibers, protects the feet completely from penetrating objects.
Category SRC: Meets both SRA and SRB requirements.
SAFETY KNIT - STEP IN COMFORT - The ultraflexible textile fabric perfectly adapts to the foot and fits like a sock.