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Grubs Tideline 4.0 Insulated Waterproof Wellington Boots Various Colours

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Grubs Tideline 4.0 Insulated Waterproof Wellington Boots
TIDELINE 4.0™ is insulated and waterproof, with excellent grip, made for all day comfort. The Calve height boot is perfect for those who do not enjoy wearing a full length wellington but do not want to compromise on the quality. 
4MM INSU-FOAM ULTRA™ - gives all round foot comfort and insulation.  
5mm POLYOU™ footbed -  provides a soft cushioning for an athletic shoe feel. A million microscopic nitrogen bubbles that insulate the wearer from cold surfaces.
UNDERFOOT CHASSIS™ - give a sure footed platform.
SUPERLITE® technology - makes this boot 30% lighter than conventional rubber boots, buoyant and extremely comfortable thanks to its' moulded shape.
SUPERDRI™ lining - is hard wearing, wicks moister away from the wearer’s foot to prevent a sweaty and uncomfortable feel. It is fungus and rot proof so will not smell like cotton-lined boots.
TRAIL-GRIP™ outsole - superior grip on a variety of surfaces, the tread is designed to work with the action of the foot
COMFORT RATING -  -20ºc to +20ºc.
DPA™ - (Distal Phalange Accommodation) or Big Toe Room). The big toe has lateral space allowing it to correct instability and give maximum propulsion.
FOOTFORM™ - The boot is contoured under the foots transverse and longitudinal arch and the shell is shaped to the sole of the foot for maximum support.
BIOFIT™ - To reduce the lateral torsion of the transverse arch, the shaped instep pad, which is built into the shell, is contoured over the top of the wearer's foot, to relieve pressure on the instep.
DMA™ - (Differential Malleolar Accommodation) Supporting the ankle is extremely important  but difficult because the bone shapes are complicated  offset structures.  With DMA™, the tibia and fibula malleoli are anaotomically positioned in the boot, providing a snug fit and soft support.
(mm on leg)
(circumference in mm)
UK4 310mm 360mm
UK5 310mm 370mm
UK6 320mm 380mm
UK7 320mm 390mm
UK8 320mm 400mm