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Grubs HIGHLINE ™ Bellow Wellington Boot Welly

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HIGHLINE™ is a classically styled full rubber wellington with side bellow to allow width adjustment around the calf.
TRAK™ sole pattern - deep tractor like tread gives powerful traction on soft ground with prominent heel for downhill braking.
HEXZORB™ TECHNOLOGY - insert in the heel that acts like shock absorber and reduces impact pressure on hard surfaces.
6mm NITROCELL™ FOOTBED - provides both cushioning and also insulation from the cold.
COMFORT RATING -10ºc to +20ºc.
Moisture wicking linings use thousands of fibre loops that cosset the foot and wick away moisture keeping the wearer dry and comfortable. Combined with 5.0 INSU-FOAM ULTRA™ to provide an unequalled comfort range without sweat and heat build up.
SIZING: boot height and calve widths:
(mm on leg)
(circumference in mm)
UK4 365mm 400mm
UK5 370mm 400mm
UK6 375mm 400mm
UK7 380mm 400mm
UK8 385mm 420mm
UK9 395mm 430mm
UK10 400mm 430mm
UK11 405mm 440mm
UK12 410mm 440mm
UK13 415mm 450mm